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The Harbinger

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Im going off topic today because there are things that happen in life that you can explain but simply must accept. What happened to me today is one of those things….

I was returning home from my daily workout today and as I approached my apartment, I noticed a very large, white dove, roosting on the railing near my apartment. It is not unusual to have doves and pigeons in South Beach but this one was completely white from head to tail. Most unusual what this it didnt move as I approached it.

As I got closer, I expected it to fly away, just like every other bird, but it simply sat there and looked at me. I put out my hand it and it STILL DIDNT MOVE. I got close enough to touch and actually pet this bird a few time. Even then it only moved slightly. Then, just before one of my neighbors opened her door it flew away, straight up, over the roof and disappeared.

Having been raised Catholic and somewhat supertitious. I became concerned about this event since a bird near your house is sometimes considered a harbinger of an impending death. I worried about my father who had nearly died 5 years ago from a heart attack and of my wife who was away at work. What happened next took me by surprise.

Not more than a half hour at this event I received an impassioned phone call from my wife that here father has very suddenly passed. I didnt know my father in law well, but had met him a few months before his passing.  I immediately had the feeling that this dove was a sign of his visit and passing into the next life.

Apparently this is not a unique experience from some research on the web, but that dosent make it any less extraordinay. Truly, it reinforces my belief that there is something after this life and I feel privledged that I was able to experience a part of the world that lies beyond.


Written by tdwnds1

June 11, 2013 at 3:12 am