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Dealing with Fear in the job search

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I read a disheartening statistic with some of the recent job numbers released last week. It showed that over 1 MILLION people in this nation have simply given up on the job search. While many leave the employment arena for various reasons (health, family, etc.) a majority of these people have simply decided there are no jobs out there for them, they have given in to FEAR.

July 2 will be the second anniversary of the start of my job search and I have to admit I have felt that fear as much as anyone. When you lose your job (multiple times), those fears can overwhelm you rather quickly. Your mind races with questions like, “how do I pay my bills”, “am I going to lose my house”, “is my career gone for good”. The news stories about those who have been unemployed long term do nothing to allay these fears.  So how does one deal with this fear during the job search?

I think the first thing to realize that the fear we ALL feel is a very natural human reaction. It is certainly not something to be shunned. The question is what are you going to do with this fear?  On one end it can put you in a state of stasis and paralysis, unable to continue forward or worse start a spiral into despair. Obviously this will do nothing to help you get a new job. I have talked before about a period of grieving when you lose a long-term job, and that is perfectly healthy, but you need to take this emotion of fear and turn it into a powerful motivator in your job search!

I believe the key is to turn this fear into ACTION. Have a job search plan. Use the fact you need to pay your bills or the responsibility to your family to make you work TWICE as hard to find work. Even now with a little more than a month before this current position ends, I have used the fear I feel, knowing I will have a loss of income, to motivate me every day to get up early and do EVERYTHING I can to find employment. This includes increasing my network contacts, making phone calls and devising a plan that can quickly get me back on the job rather than focusing on the “what ifs”.

Another way to ally fears is to be PREPARED. My fears were much larger when I lost my job for the first time. I didn’t have any plan and outline for getting back in the job hunt. It made my search a lot longer. The last two layoffs taught me to continue to have my network running in the background and to have constant contact with them even when I was employed. I TRULY believe this will shorten my term on unemployment tremendously. So while I admit I do feel fear since I have depleted my savings and the bills still keep coming in, my preparation becomes my outlet for the fear and the ability to overcome it.

Lastly, many people don’t like to talk about the fact they are afraid. Some people see it as weakness. Certainly, in this day and age, this is NOT true. Talking about your fears to others, whether it is family and friends or other business contacts can be tremendously cathartic. It is not healthy to keep such emotions inside. Talking about your fears is not the same as complaining. It is simply an honest talk about how you feel. You family and friends can be a tremendous source of comfort and perhaps your close contacts can give you leads that might make that fear much more manageable.

In the end, a positive attitude and an action plan can do much to overcome the fear that all of us are feeling these days. We all need to remember that “this too shall pass”. Dont give in to the fear and you will find in the end that you WILL succeed.

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Written by tdwnds1

June 7, 2010 at 3:17 pm

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