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NBAA Day 1

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Got  up early today with the wife to get to day one of NBAA this morning. The drive was quite easy and we already had reservations at the new Hilton here (thank you Hilton Honors Points!). This new hotel is quite nice, apparently just opened up this September.

It seems like going to this show has become quite the good luck charm lately. After not getting any calls about employment for several months, I have had 2 in the last 3 days. I thought I would be coming to the show just to network on the exhibit floor, but now I find myself with appointments and meetings suddenly. I wish I had an extra day, but Im definitely NOT complaining.

Headed out immediately for the show after the check in. Just a short walk to the convention center and registered and set out on the exhibit floor to network….

Called my one contact from Twitter immediately upon entering the building. Since this is my first time at the show, I have to admit I was a little lost for second,but quickly found my bearings. After some walking around the floor with my portfolio full of resumes and business cards. I managed to catch up to my colleague. He has several contacts with some high-profile people in aviation and was having personal meetings with those individuals.  He was kind enough to take 3-4 copies of my resume to the meetings he was attending. Truly shows you the power of “social networking.”

I also had the opportunity to meet with another friend of mine and his son who are also trying to help me find employment. They were also wandering around the floor. We chatted a little and he also took some of my business cards. Its nice to have a “team” trying to help you at one of the biggest aviation events in the nation.

The convention area is what you would typically expect with vendors booths filling most of the floor space. The absence this year of Cessna and Beechcraft was quite noticeable and could account for some of the empty space I saw, but the show is by no means sparse. There are well over 1000 exhibitors this year and the mood seems fairly upbeat. I even saw a brand-new Pilatus PC-12 with a big SOLD sticker on it.

Setting out networking, I visited several of the national FBO chains. Many of them are tied in this year with their respective fuel vendors, which makes it convenient since its all in one area. AvFuel had an especially attractive display where you had to get your card stamped by eight of the FBO in order to qualify for a grand prize drawing. They also let you play a game either using the Wii or Playstation. I made two GOOD employment contacts just in that area alone.

Also had a chance to talk to some of the independent FBO during the day. Some were more receptive than others, but everyone was friendly. While I didnt run out of resumes to give out, I did run out of business cards. I consider that alone a hopeful sign.

Lots still to see and do. I plan to put in at least one more entry before the end of the day. Stay tuned. I think that some good things are happening.

Today is the Day.


Written by tdwnds1

October 20, 2009 at 8:41 pm

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