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Everything Is About Sales

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My father once told me that, “if you can sell you will always have a job.” I dont think any quote could ring more true since EVERYTHING in life is sales. Wether you are a waiter, salesperson, even working in a lab and especially a pilot, guess what? You are in sales! How……

When anyone is looking for a job, its ALL about selling yourself. Lets start with your resume. Thats only there to get your foot in the door, but its your first visible sales tool. Obviously neatness counts, spelling counts and the presentation of your resume counts. That alone will make you stand out, but even of even more importance is your cover letter. It is your PRIMARY selling tool. Mailed, faxed, emailed, you MUST take time to write it, personalize it an make sure it contains your selling “pitch”. The presentation you make in this letter can be enough to get you that phone call. So basically the cover letter is your “sales pitch” to your new perspective employer. Remember, most employers see right through a boring, structured cover letters and will just as soon throw it in the trash.

Secondly about the interview. This is were your selling prowess or lack thereof really shows.  When you are asked to describe yourself, you should already have your “pitch” in mind. Be confident, but NOT cocky. Show an air of confidence and of course look impeccable. Image is everything and is a much a part of your “sales presentation” as any other part of your interview and it WILL be noticed. Dont forget to “close the sale” too ask for that second interview or when they will get back to you or if things are REALLY going good you might even ask for the job. But be careful.

 FOLLOW UP. I cant tell you how many people dont follow up! It drives me crazy. Any good “salesperson” knows to FOLLOW UP. Make sure you send that thank you letter after a call or interview. If someone doesnt get back to you, give them a courteous call, letter or email. Even if you dont get the job, make sure you thank them for their time or solicit information about why you didnt get the position. You might not only learn alot, but fact that you were so good at your follow up will stand out in that employers mind and you might get a phone call down the road. They WILL remember you!

Lets all help each other out there. Aviation is a small world, take care of own and they will take care you.


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September 4, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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